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This is based on a true story about a Spanish family’s struggle after the tsunami that hit Thailand eight years ago that killed a lot of lives. I can’t see Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts as a Spanish couple. Racism aside, this film is great. The movie’s divided into three parts. The first part is a disaster movie that’s so mind-blowing and gut-wrenching. It ended long but I do want to see more. Being a slightly low-budgeted film made me more impressed. The second part is like “The Road”, showing the heinous aftermaths of the tsunami not only to Lucas’ family but also to other people. And the last part with Ewan is like Finding Nemo where he’s struggling hard to find his family. It’s predictable but very endearing, even if some parts are almost impossible to happen. But that’s what the title is so no biggies. Call it nitpicking, but there’s a difference between Simon and Simón. There’s a found footage-like scene that was unnecessary and this could be near perfect if the script would only be more engaging.

Naomi Watts (Maria) deserves her nominations even if she can’t match J. Law and Chastain’s. Tom Holland (Lucas) is great and his chemistry with Naomi worked. He looked like Jude Law sometimes to me, too bad that Law isn’t his father here. Ewan McGregor (Henry) was slightly underused but he had his moments. Samuel Joslin and Oaklee Pendergast (Simón and Thomas) are like Merida’s brothers in Brave.

The Impossible is an inspirational and moving film despite its super dark realizations. I liked it more than Life of Pi and The Road because it’s realistic and it didn’t seem hopeless.


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